by Dawner

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released via Usedsteel Records


released November 15, 2019


all rights reserved



Dawner Graz, Austria

punk rock influenced acoustic project from Graz.

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Track Name: Just Like An Addict
There’s no place like this, no time to be wasted. In the back of this mind a door always stays open. I leave traces behind just to make sure to find my way back.
When all the lights go out a spotlight comes on, it points straight at the places that cannot be found. No maps and no keys, just words and phrases. The most intimate things in the most uncommon places.

Just like an addict I keep coming back though sometimes nothing is all I get. I just can’t get enough of this mess.

For all the energy invested and what I gain in trade, hearts can sense the connections that minds just can’t grasp. They leave traces behind for me to make sure that I come back. The way home seems so much brighter in the glow of neon lights. The First snow hides all the tracks and leaves blank spaces behind. The neon lights don’t bother, tonight I am free. I’m free just like them.
Track Name: The Crow's Flight
Another crow takes flight up above in the clouded sky. I wonder what it’s like to watch everything become small. Another pair of eyes sees reflections of it all.
The city’s its best friend. Watch it rise and fall again, not touched by it at all. Like fireflys at night we kiss the day goodbye just to come back in the morning light. Tonight it takes a friend, someone that understands and doesn’t judge at all.
Another crow has died trying to reach the clouded sky, to get away from it all. Who’s gonna take its place on the rooftops and alleyways of the place that I call home?
The city’s my best friend. I watch it rise and fall again, I’m not touched by it at all. Like fireflys at night we kiss the day goodbye just to come back in the morning light. Tonight I need a friend, someone that understands and doesn’t judge at all.
Track Name: To The Pavement
There’s something in the air this time, the streets are whispering my name. Still I don’t know what to do, what to do with myself. I’ve been here before so why am I still nervous and waiting for things to happen? It’s the same old story over and over again, just different in circumstances.

But tonight this heart plays a different beat than it did before the days grew shorter and had memories to reclaim. Those times are finally growing old and won’t ever wear me down. The streets are calling me out and, for this I’m sure, the pavement won’t ever let me rest. It won’t ever let me rest before it drags me down, pulls me under and never lets me go.

If you just listen close enough you can hear this heart beating inside this hollow chest, under the color in this skin, behind these fading eyes. Go on read me like a book, I won’t try to wash the words away. Turn the pages, there’s plenty of stories waiting to be written by these hands.
Track Name: Good Intentions, Better Excuses
How many times will I be left with it and what’s it all about? The question still rings in my head. Counting minutes ‘til they’re dead, forgotten and fading. What a bitter way to waste time.
Paranoia’s working its way straight into this brain, gripping tight on every clear thought. I hold still while insanity takes control and rips away everything I could hold on to.
Wake me up and shut me down, and take me around the corner down the street we used to hang. Our talks were different back then, we were lacking the anxiety that keeps the passion in isolation.
Who am I to think that I could stop the outright downfall? Some battles are just not meant to be won. But when it’s time to anchor in, ignore the facts and fire away there’s a way to take this on. No way to tell which way the wind will blow these days and I’m growing tired to even care. I need something to ignite, to flare up and feed the fire and so I light the path with good intentions, better excuses and the realization when to use them.
How many times have I been drifting, what was it all about? The echo still rings in my head. Counting minutes ‘til it’s gone, forgotten and fading. There’s no better way to waste time.
Vision is working its way straight into this brain, gripping tight on every clear thought. The time I live on is just borrowed and I’ll make sure to stick around when the repository runs empty. I can feel the pull of my recourse pin my feet back to the ground.
Track Name: Unspoken Truth
A little too much time and a little to less company is all it takes to show you were you should have gone astray. Your head weighs heavy on your shoulders, pumping doubt right through your veins. A heavy heart drags like an anchor, keeping the safe shore away. Many mornings came when the clarity of the night had been washed away by the dawn of a new day. As red eyes grow weary a new night goes dim, to lock it all away and start all over again.
There’s no use in trying to fix this, yeah it has been done before. I guess it’s just the way I shut my eyes ‘til I can’t see no more. ‘Cause when the book comes to an end there’s something left to say. There is the unspoken truth for me still left to see.
I shut my eyes until the day comes to an end because the colors of the night shine the brightest when the day is spent. We’re so busy chasing shadows never to be found. Until the realization, they’re always following us around.
Track Name: The Essence Of Every Second
When the night starts to fade away fast and hours of sleep turn into hours of thought the weight of the world strikes in order to loosen some anchors. in search of excuses for letting dull moments steal our empathy away, it’s far too easy to lose sight of the essence of every second. some have been carrying their weight over endless miles with only their shadows by their sides to remind them of days of loss. we all have eyes but are still so blind. we all have ears but are still so deaf. we all have beating hearts but still feel numb every once in a while. we should start taking good hard looks into each others eyes. there are fires going on. some of them are torches. some of them are war.
Track Name: Implications Made By Choice
The everlasting spinning wheel passed by and only left its traces of chances lost and deadend paths, hopes unmet, countless days we've wasted.
How long will my feet carry on into the void with suppressed sight of the horizon of the night?

Think back and remember the days when dreams were paved and plans were settled. Think back and tell me honestly would you change just a single second?
Of moments of serenity, of every moment we were free.

We chased the fastest trains in order to find out that in the end we were far from being proud of implications made by choice when all the impulses surrendered. Caught on someone else’s tracks, never meant to be our own.

And after countless stations passed by and undiscovered places seen, after years of freely falling, conclusions still remain the same. There's no time for regrets or any doubts at all while living in these moments.

We got lost on the right way, taking breaths that'll take a lifetime to exhale.
Time may pass away, the truth remains unchanged. And even if we‘d never thought, somehow we got older anyway.
Track Name: Rope Around My Neck
Days go by as shadows stick to the dirt on the walls. Still time’s relentless and won’t wait for no one at all. Old habits die hard and strongly hold angainst the stream of seconds vanishing into nothing.
If the walls of these rooms could talk they would all tell the same. The same old story. No movement, no sound, just quiet all around.
The blank pages on this table only make sense when my heart takes the lead and picks up the pen. Every once in a while this mind takes flight and leads to those pages not staying white.
The dust on six strings reveals the truth. They haven’t been touched by days of youth.
Sometimes it just takes too long to realize they offer ten minutes away but once these hands have found their way back time skips a beat and cuts the rope around my neck.
Track Name: Ghosts And Demons
I don’t feel like talking ‘cause everything’s already been said. I don’t feel like answering to phrases being anyone’s guess. They all lack conviction.

Give me something to hold on to ‘cause lately I’ve been finding it hard to grip. Always looking somewhere for reasons, ghosts and demons, draining all the sense out of this. Never getting me anywhere.
There have been enough stop signs and road blocks, with the shifter being stuck in reverse. Well, maybe it’s time to get real but that’s something I’m not used to.

I hear ghosts, they’re talking to me at night. And before you even notice they’ll disappear just like lightning bugs before the first light of day.
I hear ghosts, they’re talking to me at night. But I just can’t understand the things they are telling and so I keep my ears close to the ground.

Give me something to relate to ‘cause lately I’ve been finding it hard to grip. It feels kind of lonely in my company, I know. But I got my reasons, ghosts and demons, lately they’ve been trying to get the best of me.
Track Name: End The World For A While
Faces passing by just like raindrops running down a dirty window. Restless like leaves on the ground they’re trying to find their way home. Is it a place soon to be found? Are you trying to make your way home?
I’m an outlaw to this world, free to go wherever the wind blows. I’m a bandit to time, taking mine and giving nothing back. I’m a killer to doubt, taking the space it would need to exist. I’m a blind man to reality. Let’s just see how long the illusion resists.
There’s change in the air above these concrete streets. Unwillingly strangers create a dance around responsibilities. Will you one day join me on my watch? Let’s just end the world for a while.
Track Name: Luminous
It’s far too late and there’s a long walk ahead. While the city’s still asleep I’m wide awake ‘cause there’s something to keep. The sparks in this heart light up the streets and guide my way home. I can’t feel the weight of these days. But for sure felt the connection. Your eyes pinned on mine. You draw me in and send my mind off the tracks.
I’ve been thinking ‘bout this for hours and it takes me somewhere new, so help me out ‘cause I’m feeling kind of lost around you. I get lost in those eyes and I don’t wanna be found. I just want you to stick around just for a little longer. Just for a little longer tonight.
I’m like a stray cat out there, shy but yet curious. I heed the call, your energy’s just luminous to me. And I never knew that the world could stop spinning. With just you and me in this galaxy within. Your eyes pinned on mine.
I’ve been thinking ‘bout this for hours and it got me somewhere new. I think I can see where this could be going and I’m embracing this truth. Do you wanna get lost? We may never be found. If you want me to(o) I’ll stick around just for a little longer. Just for a little longer tonight.

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